Their epic was 1983
Your epic is now
Their epic was 1950
Your epic is now
Their epic was 1998
Your epic is now

The start of epic

There are many milestone moments in the history of our country that shaped our lives even many decades later. From the writing of our constitution, to our World Cup Victory, to our Space Mission. The first time is always difficult. The start is always challenging. That is why the first people to do something epic and cause a seismic shift in the world are so celebrated. At CredAvenue, this is the exact same opportunity that is available right now. We are poised for epic. Don’t you want to be a part of it?


A historic and never seen before Series A funding of $90 million is a clear validation of our methods, successes and goals.


Within the short span of time since our inception we have grabbed significant market share, traction and adoption. Right now, we are at that optimum size for tangible impact that can be made by the right individuals


We are working full steam on the vision of creating a $100 billion GTV, and a $350 million revenue machine by FY26.

Epic Credsters

Jayaram R

Jayaram shares his epic story


Sarah shares her epic ‘Women in Tech’ story.


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